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There's a lot to talk about.

People, look around. This country has some serious issues. Security. The economy. Global warming. Healthcare. Energy. Iraq. In most of these cases, the so-called leaders charged with confronting these problems are only compounding them with their lack of accountability and often questionable motives. Instead of looking for real solutions, they seem to be looking out for number one.

It's not just elected leaders like George W. Bush and Dick Cheney either. It's many of the executives who occupy the top rungs of this country's corporate ladder. Your Kenneth Lays and Jeffrey Skillings and Dennis Kozlowskis - a few guys who took Michael Douglas' line in the movie Wall Street a little too seriously. "Greed is good," he said. These days, it seems more of our leaders believe that than ever before.

In my book and subsequent pages of this site, I talk about what we can do to take back our country and tackle these challenges. As you ponder what I've got to say, I'd ask you to pay special attention to my "Nine C's" test for leadership, which is outlined in the book and in the Polling section of this site. Once you've read it, apply it to the people who will soon be asking for your vote. I know I will be.

Read my thoughts about the election in Straight Talk.

Mark your calendar for November 11. Casting your vote is an act of leadership. Step up to booth. Take on the challenge. Anyone can be a leader, including you.

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